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UX/UI Design - iOS Mobile

Digitizing and modernizing an old rewards program into a cool app for a very unique client. 

The Unicorn Pubar

Did you like my work ? do you have any feedback on the design? Want to chat over coffee about UI/UX design systems? get in touch 

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UX/UI Designer

Freelance UX/UI Designer & Front-End Developer 
who loves to tell a good story and still believes pixels are like atoms of the digital realm.  

I love every aspect of the design process and for the past 5+ years I have been working with individuals and teams to solve design problems in complex applications, web sites and dashboards.

Hi! I'm Yaniv

UX/UI IXD Design - Android Mobile

Researching and designing an app for close range group communication system that works on the open road. 


UX/UI Design & Build - Web Design

Researching, Designing and building a responsive web site with a database For a car collector.

Private Collection by AP

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