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The Questions

The Chalange

Build an app that control the existing Bluetooth hardware device and can be used by the rider on the fly and while riding the motorcycle. 

Since we were starting from scratch, the app functionality and interaction design will be key and will dictate (and override) all design aspects.

That sounds simple, but pretty ambitious...

Lets set some project goals:

Goal 1: Build a large user group for interviews/survey

Goal 2: Create a dedicated rider group for testing and feedback

Goal 3: App needs to be simple to operate without dead ends

Goal 4: Need to set feedback to design quick cycle.

Studying the market

Market Conditions Brief:

 The 2 big players in the Motorcycle Bluetooth communication devices market are Cardo and Sena. Both companies offer devices with same capabilities ranging in price from $100 to the top tier devices for around $600 (as of May 2022). Both companies have an app to support the devices, but the apps are clunky and designed to work before a rider ride his/hers motorcycle. There are NO apps designed specifically to work while riding the motorcycle. Both companies are relaying on a control pad to operate the system and the top tier devices also offer voice command.


Learning about our users

I conducted user research (interviews & surveys) for my target user audience to have a better understanding of what their issues and problems are with the current systems. also, which features will be required in the new design process to mitigate the current issues they experience with the existing hardware And software offering currently on the market.

Preliminary resarch conclusion

We have experimented with both leading brands hardware, apps and software. All of us came to the same conclusion - it is almost impossible to remember the number of clicks and turns required for each function. During a motorcycle ride there are other elements that are interfering with the operations of the system like wind, noise and the users’ hands that are usually wearing gloves and making operating the system even harder. To try and overcome these issues, both companies developed voice command control for the devices, but the reality is that they work only 25% of the time for most riders due to background and wind noise.

The Problem with Bluetooth communication devices and supporting apps.

All the systems that are currently on the mark use hardware buttons and jog dials to operate hardware devices that have too many options. Clicking 3 or 4 times for a function while riding a motorcycle down the road is like walking a tight rope and texting – it sounds fun until you try it.

Currently there is NO app designed to work with BlueTooth Comm devices on the market. The apps that are on the market are support apps and are meant to be used prior to riding the motorcycle. These apps are rich with features and menus but are useless when the user is on the road riding a motorcycle.


The Problem

The Solution 

A smart phone app that is specifically designed to control the Bluetooth system in real time while riding the motorcycle. The app should be clear and visible to read on a phone screen in bright daylight and have large buttons with color or voice providing feedback to the user.


Special attention needs to be given to simple design that works on all phone screen sizes (i.e Iphone4). The app also needs to override the lock screen and be accessible to the rider in one touch when riding. The intercom feature need to have a simple one button to bring new rider into the group intercom on the fly.



User Personas

Based on the research information I created user personas to help us define the future app user. we learned that while the future users might have many different groups and rider clubs, their basic needs for a simple communication device are the same.

Defining the future users and their needs

User Flow Charts

To define basic functionality for the app I built user flows that follows screen design basics

What button should I hit first?

From Sketches to Wire Frames

when I had a general idea of the look and feel of the app I started designing the wire frames.  with some feedback from our test groups and input from the design team I made some necessary adjustments to the layout and increased the visibility of some of the buttons.

Digitizing the designs

Prototyping from the Wireframes

it was time to pull it all together

Putting it all together

Working Prototype

Connecting all the dots to make a working version of the app. this prototype will be going to rigors testing before we hand it out to the developers.

Closer to reality

Proto 1 Screen Shots

Some screen Shots before going for testing

Final Product before client change and dev