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Design a responsive website for  a classic motorcycle auctioneer  


 UX/UI Design

Front End Development


1x UX Designer

2x UI Designers

2x Developers

1x Photographer










Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Six week sprint

UX two weeks

UI   two weeks

Build two weeks



 Site Research

Market Study  

User Interviews



New Logo

New Brand 

New Style Guide




Page Transitions

Database Design


Brand design


Hi- Fi Prototype 



User testing

Developer hand off


Site Launch

Feed Back

Interaction Design




The design process

Project Overview

In The Beginning 

The project presented itself through a referral from a former client. Following multiple engagements, a decision was made to undertake the project with aim at constructing a unique website and mobile platform. This platform will offer a comprehensive solution for displaying and auctioning classic motorcycles, with the aim of attracting potential buyers and elevating sales and exposure for the group.

​​Lets set some project goals:

Goal 1: Build a responsive website optimized for all screen sizes 

Goal 2: Create a simple and secure user interface  

Goal 3: Create an auction schedule

Goal 4: Rebrand the website with a new logo

Goal 5: Keep it simple...

The Challenge

It all started with a group of friends and the love of anything on 2 wheels. The group collects, trades, sells and auction classic motorbikes as a hobby. The group faced a challenge when one member purchased a new motorcycle and ran out of space in his garage. This led to the leasing of a warehouse to store all the bikes and provide a meeting place for the group members.

They came up with the name ‘KP collection’ for the group and in an attempt to increase exposure and sales, the KP Collection group attempted to launch an auction site using the Shopify platform. However, the site didn't generate the expected traffic, and they had to resort to alternative methods to sell and trade their bikes. The group has now decided to invest in a new, more comprehensive website to showcase their collection and facilitate online auctions.

Upon first examination of the website, it became apparent that it lacks consistency throughout the entire site. Although the client had developed a website that was functional to a certain extent and met some of their requirements, there were numerous areas in need of improvement, necessitating a complete overhaul. One of the main issues was a very restrictive platform (Shopify) that limited the amount of site functionality.

Studying the old website

Getting the whole story

  • Branding is sending the wrong message to potential buyers.

  • The current web site is confusing, colors are clashing and leading to poor customer experience.

  • Auctions are random and there is no schedule with a call to action.

  • Customer databases are lacking and inconsistent.

  • There is no good option for reliable customer payment and real time invoicing.

  • There is no reliable method for customer screenings.

  • Limited user experience on mobile – not optimized  

  • No campaigns or social activity to promote the site.


The Problem

The Solution 

  • New branding with a simple massage

  • Update the style guide and keep it consistent

  • Create a user database with 2 step verification.

  • Create an auction schedule.

  • Design a new website and a mobile site with UCD

  • New Motorcycle database

  • Promote auctions and CTA on every page

  • Launch site with an aggressive ad and media campaign followed by PPC campaign on major search sites.  


we studied the 3 leading auction sites to date: Bring a trailer, Classic Avenue and Iconic Motorbikes to learn more what makes a great online auction site. the findings surprised the team since we were able to sum it up in one word: simplicity  

Looking at the industry leaders

Studying the competition

Competition study takes

Take#1 Design

Clean and simple design

The common theme to all the comp sites was basic design without flashing colors and moving illustrations.

Take#2 Call to action

All sites use a call to action in the form of a timer to the represent action dead lines. the timer also turns to a red color when the auction is close to the dead line.

Take#3 Iconography

All sites have a 'reserve met' icon that draw customers in once asking price has been met at an auction. icons are usually green.

Take# 4 Service

The sites offer professional shipping and handling of your motorcycle door to door with a shipping calculator based on address.

As we continued to dissect the leading auction web site we noticed that the 'simple' theme continued throughout instead of sophisticated colors and layouts the sites let the sell items take center stage and be the focal point of the theme and let the beauty of the motorcycle catch your eye

Color composition and logo's

Studying the competition

All the images on the sites appear to be professionally taken and edited. the images and backgrounds appear to be carefully chosen to show case the color and details of the pictured motorcycle.  


The design team will need to find a professional Photgrapher to retake and edit motorcycle pictures.

The Result

Logo's from the top site appear to be simple yet sophisticated with play of colors and imagery that relates to the specific industry. 

Logo Design

We will need to design a new logo that is simple and yet relates to the classic motorcycle enthusiast.  

The result

Carrying the theme of simplicity are the colors that are mostly monochrome. the secondary colors are bright and used throughout to catch the eye and make a statement/call to action.   

Color Schemes

The new brand I am creating should have a limited palette of colors with strong secondary palette to emphasis call to action. 

The Result 

After studying the web site and it's functionality, the design team came up with few issues that we needed to discuss with the client. The most significant issues identified were as follows:

  • There was no way to vet users. Anyone can register and bid.

  • The site's design lacked consistency, with too many fonts and colors clashing with the overall look and feel.

  • User vetting was absent, allowing anyone to register and bid.

  • The auction function was very plain with no call to action, and the time updates were too slow

  • There is a need for a sold motorcycle section to establish site reliability.

  • Presented Motorcycles need to have more info and history to establish value.

  • The need for a re-brand was evident to strengthen brand recognition.

After a deep review  of the web site

Old website deep review

After we compiled all the research and presented it to the group it was time to start a fresh new chapter.

The team decided (after long debates) to change their name to ‘twist time motorcycles’ the new name is a play on the twist of the wrist or opening the throttle on a motorcycle and time or back in time. We went to the drawing board and came up with a few designs. One of our logo design requirements was that all designs can be adapted to light or dark backgrounds. The added color where a Cary over from the previous site and specifically requested by the group.


Fresh New Chapter

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